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Applicant & Project

 Name of Project
 Name of Applicant or Company
 Registered Address
Tel No. Fax No.
Contact Name Position
E-Mail Mobile
Project/Property Location Address

Loan/Investment Required & Security Available

 Loan Required (in USD)
 Term of Loan (in years)
 Amount of Equity Available
 Estimated Amount of  Applicants free cash available
 Estimated Market Value of  Applicant’s free current assets
 Applicant Co’s Share Capital
 Land Cost of the Project
 Total Project Cost
 Type of collateral
 Description of land property  and value
 Description of building assets  and value
Name of all directors / partners with their Net worth


S No. Name Net Worth

Company History

 Is the applicant already trading/operating/doing business    
Year to Date
Net Profit/Loss
Any repayment default history

Project Schedule

Proposed Project Start Date
Anticipated Completion Date
Required funding schedule (amount required each year)
Start Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Profit/Loss Forecast from Start Date
Start Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Net Profit/Loss


Do select all the listed document type(s) listed below which are relevant for the project evaluation. All the documents should be available in one single
PDF document which will have to be uploaded with the following naming convention: ATSP Investment Enclosures set - ‹PROJECT NAME›‹DD-MM-YY›

Executive Summary / Business Plan
Detailed Project Report
Company Profile
Total Cost of Project in Detail
Three years income tax return With Balance Sheet. Of the company.
One year bank statements
Land details & status of acquisition
Directors list & share holding pattern on company letter head endorsed by C.A
Total Company Liabilities as well as directors liabilities with track record
Details of past completed projects
All director profile and KYC paper
Company and directors PAN card
Company ResidenceProof
Article of Association(Should be Regd.) and Memorandum of Association
Project layout
Copies of permission and N.O.Cs of all related GOVT. Departments and Ministries
Copy of Power Purchase Agreement
Loan sanction details(if any)
Details of the EPC if any given
In case of Agricultural land: 30 years RTC
Land Conversion Copy
Latest EC
Tax paid receipt for property
Khata Extract
Khata Certificate
In case of mutation, mutation register extract
Property title deeds: Up to date
Endorsement regarding property denotification
Family tree
Rental Agreement/ Sanction letter etc.
Upload Document  

Re-payment plan

 Please forecast the loan re-payment plan for at least 5 years

Project Specifics

 Utilization of the fund
Terms and Conditions:

"I/We hereby declare that the information and documents given by me/us to AtSpeed Corp are true, correct and accurate and I/We have not withheld any material information. I/We understand that such information and documents shall be used and relied upon by AtSpeed Corp while assessing our project potential and investment strategy.

I/We agree that AtSpeed Corp perform necessary due diligence as per their protocol to verify the project and organization's viability to pursue any operation.

AtSpeed Corp reserves the full right to approve or recall the funding process at any stage."

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Company share capital Board of Directors REMIT Regulation
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Speed Corp is dedicated to excellence and to be the best in what we do. We believe in long-lasting relationships based on stability, integrity, and success. We believe in creating opportunities for our customers by providing them quality services at the best rates available in the Industry.

We always believe in performing ethical way of business and be transparent in whatever we do. We aspire to be the brand known for its quality of services.

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